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Conversations are hard. Everyone has different goals, and it’s rare that both parties walk away feeling good about themselves.But what happens if your unfulfilling conversation with your friend means that one of you might die in your next bout of harrowing mechanized combat? Add in the fact that your machine won’t let you use its superpowers unless you serve its ideology, and you’ve got a recipe for some difficult choices.

Moonbase is a Tabletop RPG in which players roleplay the conversations that mecha pilots have in between missions. The outcome of the conversation (who fulfills their Wish) determines how many dice they roll in the following mission, which results in serious consequences. 

Moonbase was written for the Emotional Mecha Jam.


Moonbase (Tiny Sad Mecha RPG).rtf 310 kB
Moonbase (Tiny Sad Mecha RPG Game Jam Buid).pdf 90 kB

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