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When engaging in creative storytelling, you should always write what you know. And who do you know better than yourself? Why challenge yourself with playing someone different from you when you could just play a character who reflects your experiences, exclusively? Now, with Stay In Your Lane: A Not Roleplaying Game, you can! Play as YOU, the only character in all of tabletop gaming who you will be able to accurately portray 100% of the time!

The suggested price for Stay In Your Lane: A Not Roleplaying Game is $0.02. If you don't want to pay that (and let's be real, who could blame you), please throw your two cents in the comments section instead.

(Author's Note: Stay In Your Lane: A Not Roleplaying Game is a piece of satire designed to encourage players to play characters outside their comfort zone. Neither the piece nor its author condones cultural appropriation.)


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haha, i love it! i was drawn to ttrpgs because of other tangentially related nerd things (okay, podcasts) but i think it's just kind of an extension of my longstanding tenuous relationship with writing. for my whole life, stories were a method of Escape from my own life for a varying number of reasons, so i guess the fact that ttrpgs are the opposite of my life is exactly the reason i will remember this one

hey, thanks! I'm glad this little experiment was a good experience for you :)